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Director of Photography

Kieran is available for hire as a director of photography, and is the owner operator of the Sony FS700 and the Blackmagic Cinema Camera. These cameras have the ability to shoot in a wide variety of high quality formats, allowing clients to choose a production and post-production workflow that is suitable for a wide selection of scenarios. Here is a breakdown of the options available.

Sony FS700 Format Options

10 bit ProRes 422 4K2HD – A variation of Apple’s ProRes codec developed by Convergent Design. According to Phillip Bloom “the image is simply incredible.Quite possibly the most amazing HD image I have seen”. This is a suitable capture format for music videos, documentaries, corporates, and web promotional material.

4K 12 bit raw up to 120fps – The highest quality format available on the FS700. The image is spectacular and beautiful with a wide dynamic range. 4K Raw is suitable for clients who desire the highest possible image quality and future-proofing ability. It is a beautiful alternative to RED’s Epic and Scarlet, and Canon’s C300 and C500 cameras. It is suitable for short films and documentaries that will be showing on the big screen, either at film festivals or on general release.

2K 12 bit Raw up to 240fps – A high quality format for capturing slow motion material. Suitable for clients that require slow motion.

Blackmagic Design Cinema Camera Format Options

2.5K 12 bit Raw – A high quality Raw format. Suitable for short film, doocumentary, and corporate work.

10 bit ProRes 422 HD – Suitable for corporates and web promotional material.

DNxHD – The Avid codec. Suitable for corporates and web promotional material.