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Camera Equipment

Sony FS700 4K Raw camera.
Odyssey 7Q 7.8 inch OLED monitor and recorder.
Blackmagic Cinema Camera.
Samyang 16mm, 35mm, and 85mm cinevised prime lenses.
Canon L 24-105mm F4 zoom lens.
Sony SEL 18 to 200mm zoom lens.
Libec RS450 tripod.
Konova K5 Slider.
Glidecam X10 and HD4000 camera stabilization system.
Blackmagic Cinema Camera Handlebars.
Movcam FS700 shoulder mount camera cage.
Portabrace raingear for FS700 camera and Odyssey 7Q recorder.
Sony wireless lapel microphone.
Rode NTG 3 rifle microphone.
Rode boom pole.

Lighting Equipment

1 x Flolight tungsten and daylight balanced two tube fluorescent.
3 x Photon Beard 800w redheads.
1 x Arri 650 fresnel.
1 x Arri 150 fresnel.
1 x Cinelight 3’ x 3‘ diffusion, solid, or reflector.
1 x 18” x 24” Westcott Fastflag kit.
2 x Kupo C-Stands.
1 x Starville 1500w smoke machine.
Selection of CTB, CTO, gels; and diffusion.

Post-Production Equipment

Mac Pro 6,1 3.6hGz hexcore xeon 32GB Ram with dual D700 graphics cards.
Sony PVM A170 OLED post production monitor.
3TB Promise Pegasus RAID 5 thunderbolt storage.
Da Vinci Resolve 10 colour grading software.
Final Cut Pro X editing software.
Final Cut Pro 7 also available with 2TB of RAID 0 Storage.